I bet your curious about where this adventure will be gathering? Imagine a beautiful expansive desert on the edge of tall jagged red and orange sandstone mountains. At night the only noise you’ll hear (other than maybe another sleeping adventurer) are crickets, distant coyotes and the silence of the stars.

While we may feel like we’re in the middle of nowhere, our actual physical location is about 2 hours from Las Vegas (AIRPORT CODE IS LVA) and about 20 minutes from downtown St. George and 25 minutes from Zion National Park in Southern Utah.

La Verkin is a small town located in between Zion National Park and Dixie National Forest (right on the edge of St. George). We are about 15 minutes from Red Cliff’s Reserve. We will be hiking all of these lovely places every day.


The beautiful homes we will be staying in are 1,600-2,000 square foot vacation homes that sit on the edge of La Verkin.  There are trails within half a mile of the house and we will be hiking at least once, if not twice a day.

Each house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as plenty of common space to hang out in. The neighborhood has a small park and trails to hike right out the door. Each house is tastefully decorated and modern.

We opted for smaller houses so people can get better rest and break into smaller groups at night. All of the houses are within a few doors of each other.


Traveling to La Verkin does take a little time. Your best bet is to fly into either St. George (much shorter drive to the house) or Las Vegas.

If you fly into St. George we can pick you up anytime between noon and 3pm. If you fly in to Las Vegas we will pick you up around noon.

We will be doing one hike in the early evening upon arriving!


If you fly into Las Vegas we have vans picking people up at noon in an arranged spot within the airport (passenger pick up spot). This means if  you are coming from far away, you might need to fly into Vegas the night before to make our shuttle.

There is also an easy to take shuttle you can book on your own if you need to come at a different time. Please contact us for details.


Your other option is to rent a car and drive up to the house just outside of St. George on your own. This will take about 2 hours from Vegas or 20 minutes from St. George. We can connect you with others who may be coming in at an off time as well so you can carpool.

Also if you are interested in staying some days after the event or having your family/partner meet you after the retreat, we can help with accommodations and additional guiding services.

We have 2 room options available. Solo rooms (can be shared with a friend for a reduced rate) and twin bed or bunk rooms.