Family Forest Fest

Family Forest Fest was an idea Hike it Baby Founder, Shanti Hodges, had in 2016 to create “boutique” events, to gather families together outside to celebrate children in the outdoors enjoying free play and creative minds. With the ever-increasing concern of “nature deficit disorder” in our society, Family Forest Fest is dedicated to getting as many families as possible with children to spend at least one weekend sleeping outside a year. In 2018 the festivals is happening in 2 states (Oregon and Washington) and next year 4 are in the works.

The events are 3 day, 2 night festival that emphasize and encourage children (and their parents) to explore nature through music, activities, booths, workshops and more. It’s not an organized camp out. It’s also not a Hike it Baby event. It’s actually a real-live honest to goodness FESTIVAL.

What’s the difference between a camp out and a festival?

A camp out is at a campground where you have to always watch your toddler because cars are zooming through and dogs are roaming and the focus is on camping.

Here’s the definition of a festival: an often periodic celebration or program of events or entertainment having a specified focus a i.e. daffodil festival a Greek festival

The Family Forest Fest is celebrating family connectedness in the forest. At our festival there is music, workshops like family yoga, how to talk to your toddler, get to know a National Park Ranger, guided hikes and more. There are top notch performers like Red Yarn and Aaron Nigel Smith at the events.

This is the the first ever children focused overnight festival dedicated to our planet, our future, our children.

The idea behind the program is to create an amazing experience so everyone walks away feeling relaxed, inspired, excited and connected to those who shared the experience.