Hiking My Way Retreat – March 2019


Join Shanti Hodges, founder of Hike it Baby and Fat Girl Running influencer and inspiration Mirna Valerio for a week of hiking, running, yoga, meditation, photography and writing workshops and relaxation. This is a small retreat aimed at wellness vs. fitness. There will be around 24 women at the retreat. Price variances are based on lodging.

There are three room options.

Bunk rooms (bedrooms with bunk or twin beds) – $1500 SOLD OUT
Queen room (solo bed but shared bathroom) – $1700 (SOLD OUT)
Solo Room  (king bed and own bathroom all to yourself)  – $2100 SOLD OUT

Please read all booking terms & conditions. Once you book, your spot is held for the retreat. If you need a Paypal option please email and we can send an invoice that way. 

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Hiking my Way retreats are small healthy lifestyle gatherings for women who are looking for adventure in a pristine desert environment. These are not fitness retreats, but focused more on mental health, wellness, relaxation and bonding with other women. There will be physical activity daily, but the expectation is not to be in tip top shape when you arrive, but to have an opportunity to hike, run, do yoga and meditate throughout the week. All of the hikes will be doable by a beginner hiker, but you must be able to comfortably walk 4-6 miles a day. There is some elevation gain in the Zion area, so if you have any fear of heights please let us know. We won’t be doing any technical hiking involving ropes.

Room details
King room with own bathroom ($2100) SOLD OUT
This room can be shared by purchasing a bunk room rate by each person and then emailing to let us know you will be sharing with someone. This is only available until the rooms are gone. Then you will have to opt for a queen with shared bath.

Queen solo with shared bathroom ($1700)
Share your bathroom but not your bed. If you do want to share this room with someone let us know and we can adjust rate for this.

Bunk/Twin rooms ($1500) SOLD OUT
We have a limited number of these so once gone, you will need to book a queen solo with shared bath.


Additional information

Room Type

Twin/Bunk Room $1500 SOLD OUT, Shared bathroom solo Queen Bed ($1700) SOLD OUT, Solo King Room own Bathroom($2100) SOLD OUT